August 2020 Grant: We Here

We Here


As stated in their mission, "We Here seeks to provide a safe and supportive community for Black and Indigenous folks, and People of Color (BIPOC) in library and information science (LIS) professions and educational programs, and to recognize, discuss, and intervene in systemic social issues that have plagued these professions both historically and continue through present time."

The recently launched We Here Community School hosts events like multi-week courses and webinars, most of which are open to the public, in an effort to provide a learning community with opportunities for personal and professional development based in anti-racism pedagogy as well as recognizing and acknowledging systemic racism and oppression. As practitioners, learners, and people who contribute to the LIS profession, _We Here_ understands more is needed than a diversity course to embed racial justice and equity into our profession.

What our grantee has to say:

“What an honor! Thank you so much for wanting to support our work toward systemic change in LIS and creating a safe space for BIPOC in libraries and archives.” - Jennifer A. Ferretti, Founder